When you have a business, you effectively create a working environment. It may not fall under the traditional sense of an office environment but this doesn’t mean that it is safe from the common issues that persist in a work environment.

Issues like:


Where there are people, there will always be those with bad attitudes. Bullies aren’t restricted to the employees. There are managers and people in administration that are known to show bullying tendencies.

You should pay attention to any reports of bullying and should not tolerate it. Of course, this means that you should just pass judgment without doing due diligence. You have to investigate if there is a basis for the complaint. If there is, you need to send a message that bullying is never tolerated in your business. If you do tolerate it, you can expect a high attrition level in your business.

Lack of Communication

Businesses have different departments in order make it run smoothly. As these people may not have the same schedules or have different tasks, it is not uncommon to have a lack of communication between departments.

As a boss, you need to preempt this sort of issue by establishing clear routes of communication between the departments and between them and yourself.

Lack of Training

A common problem that exists in a lot of businesses is the sheer lack of training they have for their employees. Startups are notorious for this issue. As they run something small, they tend to hire people who have relevant or adjacent experience and expect them to know what to do.

If you have a business, it would be very important that you provide adequate training for your people. Not only will you save yourself a lot of money down the road but better people working for you means that you will have less problems.

Lack of Accountability

When employees get blamed for something that someone else did (especially a manager), you can expect that to fester and rot and led into a toxic situation. One common issue is having workers who get away with doing stupid things or things that go against the code of the business but seemingly get to repercussions.

If there is a severe lack of accountability in your business, you can expect people to practically cheat you out of your livelihood.


As the boss, you need to be able to face the fact that these issues to exist and that they will be something that you need to deal with. If you are planning of running a successful business, it would be great for you to establish processes that help you navigate through common work place problems.

In your own business, what common issues have you run into?

Being the Boss: Common Issues in the Work Environment

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