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All the dimensions of your PPC campaign are vital to defining your brand’s success in the digital world, yet a few variables have a higher bearing as compared to others. Your PPC advertisement is usually the first touchpoint between your consumer and your brand.

Hence, its first impression must be impeccable and resonate with him. It must appeal to his attention, convey your brand message effectively and get relevant visitors to click on the ad. As the Digital Marketing Manager, you have to achieve all this within format limitations such as the number of permitted characters and such.

With this in mind, here are a few top tips shared by Summon Digital who are one of London’s leading PPC agencies.

  1. Call to Action

The first thing you must do when writing a PPC text ad is to include a call to action within your advertisement. Keep it in line with the objective of your PPC campaign and clearly state what action your target customer is to undertake. Facilitate your prospect by including links, call-to-action buttons or contact forms. Another effective way is to offer free information downloads, free appointments or trial product periods.

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  1. Keyword Header

If you are familiar with the art and science of search engine optimisation, then you may already be familiar with the importance of placing strategic keywords in the header as well as in the first two lines of your PPC text ad.  Remember you must differentiate between the keyword you are bidding on and the search word an internet user types in and is dependent on matching it with AdWords choices. When you add your selected keyword in your ad’s headline, the click through ratio tends to be higher.

  1. Direct Client Feedback

If you are taking on a new client and have to write PPC text ads for them, we recommend that you share a client form with them. Ultimately, this is a questionnaire that will allow you to get to know their commercial venture and brand better.

Request them to fill it out themselves and not copy paste any pre-existing content (such as from their website, brochures etc). When a client takes the time to describe their brand and services himself, it gives you a clear insight into the brand’s positioning as well as marketing goals.

Before writing the PPC ads, scrutinise his terms comprehensively and take out relative phrases for the message within your advertisement itself.

  1. Incredible Offer

To truly attract your target market and to get to click on your ad, you must have an amazing offer that will reel him in. Are you a homebased baker offering free samples? Include that in the text of your ad.

  1. Customer Mindset

Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. How does your brand or product provide a benefit and solution to him? What are the issues he is facing? What kind of information would he require about your product before he can make a decision to try it? Thinking from your client’s mindset will help you fabricate an effective PPC text advertisement.

  1. Tone of Voice

Picking up from the preceding tip, the tone of voice of your ad needs to speak to the customer. Thus, you may consider incorporating a conversational, “you”-oriented style of writing. When following this school of writing, you will restrict the usage of words such as “we” and “us.” Such applications can make or break your text based PPC advertisement headline.

  1. Stronger than Your Rivals

Competition is a powerful force that can shift the demand curve to any side. Depending on your field, it is highly likely that there are an infinite number of substitutes for your particular brand and any factor can persuade your target customer to incline towards another product.

You want to avoid this at all costs. How can you do this? Simple. Outline any distinct benefits that your product has as compared to its rivals in the market. Monitor your competition regularly and do your research frequently. See what your rivals are up to- what strategies are they incorporating?

What markets are attempting to penetrate? Is there something that you can pick up or learn from them? You never know and that’s why it is critical to stay on top of your competition.

  1. The Big Picture

Note that it is imperative to think broadly when you compose your copy. Brainstorm in advance and share ideas with your customer from before as to what content route you are considering embarking upon for his PPC campaign. If there is anything he doesn’t like, he can tell you then and there and save you time from constantly having to start from scratch. Feel free to repeat your message within your ad but use it with engaging action verbs.

  1. Proofread

If you are the brains behind the PPC text ad (including copy and concept), then get a fresh pair of eyes to review and proofread your advertisement before you send it off to your customer for final approval. If you want to get more than one proof-reader, go for it as there is no harm in having more than one set of eyes evaluate it.

  1. Awesome Headlines

Your headline is going to be everything. So, make sure you spend a bit of time on it and incorporate your chosen keyword as selected earlier. For paid search queries, headlines are critical. Yes, your URL, your description, and ad extensions will ad value to it, but it is the headline that truly makes a difference in a visitor’s decision to whether click on your PPC ad or not.

  1. Test Away

It is a bit of an effort but will have substantial results: create two or three different versions of your PPC text-based advertisements so you can test them and see which one yields the best outcome. This is a recommended practice from the search engine giant Google itself and we agree with it!

PPC Tips to Writing Strong Text Ads

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