When you, the business owner, cannot be around all the time who handles your employees? It would have to be the manager. As such, it would important to make sure that you have a good one. The manager is the one that should be able to lead the other employees when the business owner has to attend to other things. In larger businesses, the managers are fully in charge since the business owner would realistically not be around for a variety of reasons.

Today, we wanted to shine a bit of light on what would make a good manager.


1 - Human Resources: What Makes a Good Manager?

A manager should be reliably dedicated to their job. While we’re not saying that their entire existence should revolve around the job, it should at least the focus of their attention when they are on the clock. They should be able to consider what is lacking to make the processes smoother and take it up with higher management.

A person that is dedicated to their job is better than 10 people who are only half-interested in what they are doing. So it only follows that a manager that is dedicated to the job will only be a boon in the long run.


2 - Human Resources: What Makes a Good Manager?

A good manager needs to be personable. They are the ones that directly address the employees and this should mean that should be equipped with good listening skills and an approachable attitude. No one wants to deal with a surly manager.

If the manager that you have is deemed to be unapproachable, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. If the employees cannot voice out their concerns through the managers, you’ll be hearing a lot of complaints through HR.


3 - Human Resources: What Makes a Good Manager?

Managers need to be professional. They will be the ones that will have to deal with in-fighting or any discrepancies in the performance of employees or in the back-house issues. While managers must be personable, they must be able to maintain an veneer or separation between being too friendly and being the boss.

They should be able to sufficiently address any issues without making it personal or making it about them. The better good of the business is at stake and this is something that they should always keep in mind.


A lot of the time, people quit not because they are unhappy about the job. People often quit because they are unhappy with their boss or manager. If you are planning on pursuing other ventures and not just your present one, it would be in your best interest to make sure that the managers that you choose to keep are good ones.

In your esteem, what makes a good manager?

Human Resources: What Makes a Good Manager?

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