A lot of people aspire to have their own businesses because they’ve seen examples of people who have become crazy successful. In a world where it seems that money is the thing that makes it go round, it would be good to pay attention to what you can learn from successful people.

This is what we wanted to discuss today. We gathered some of the best pieces of lessons from the people that know what they are talking about. Without further ado, here are a few business lessons that we’ve picked up from the more successful people:

Learn From Failure – Bill Gates

11 281x300 - Business Lessons We’ve Picked up from Billionaires

Before Macintosh pretty much took over the world with their Apple products, there was Microsoft. To date, there are still more Microsoft users on the planet than Mac as their interface is deemed to be user-friendly.

The person who headed Microsoft into prominence is Bill Gates. He is not hailed as one of the richest men on this planet. A Harvard drop-out who struck it out on his own had this nugget of wisdom to share: always learn from failure. You can imagine he had a lot of trial and error going on as he struggled to build his business and continued to sustain it.

For anyone who is still in the midst of learning the ropes of their business, always look failure in the face and learn from it.

Have a Clear Vision – Richard Branson

12 281x300 - Business Lessons We’ve Picked up from Billionaires

Virgin Airlines is one of the top airlines in the US before it integrated into Alaska Airlines this year. At the time when the owner was still starting out, no one really believed that he would be able to obtain his goal. This was because there were already premiere airlines which dominated the market.

Richard Branson had this to say: always have clear visions of what you want to achieve. He knew what he had wanted to start and did not compromise on that vision. The result is Virgin Airlines.

Take Care of Your Health – George Soros

13 281x300 - Business Lessons We’ve Picked up from Billionaires

Under Armour is one of the hot brands of the last few years. It is predominantly associated with sportswear and athletes. While there were already other brands like Nike or FIla which dominated the market for sportswear and other sporting accessories, this did not stop George Soros from building UA.

As his brand has taken off and turned into a billion dollar industry, he had this lesson to share: take care of your health. He says that while it is good to know what you want to achieve, that will mean nothing if your health deteriorates. As a business owner, you need to take care of yourself so that you will be able to take care of your business.


There are always lessons that can be picked up from pretty special sources. For many who are still trying to find their way in navigating their business, it would be important to tap into the knowledge of those who have already achieve success.

Which of these pieces of advice would you be likely to heed?

Business Lessons We’ve Picked up from Billionaires

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