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Congratulations! You have understood the sheer worth of keeping your employees motivated in ways that does not involve cash incentives or financial bonuses. Clearly, you have comprehended the most important lesson the universe has to offer: money does not keep your workers engaged.

So, now you must be wondering what is the secret to keeping your staff motivated? Well my friend, the good news is that we are here to help you.

Here is what you must keep in mind: it is not one or two tricks – maintaining employee engagement is a complex phenomenon that is implemented through a series of intrinsic motivators.

Wait a minute, what are these intrinsic motivators? They are simple really. Just praise them for their hard work, offer feedback in a constructive manner or provide flexible work timings.

The awesome part is that you don’t need to spend much on your efforts in this context. Ready to get started?

  1. Be a supportive leader?

Having a great leader as a manager or as a work mentor can make a huge difference in the amount of work an employee is willing to put in. If you truly a supportive leader, you will work closely with your team and be approachable as well as empathetic.

Whenever an employee under your jurisdiction has a problem or a concern, knowing that he can come to you will comfort him and give him confidence. Make sure you let your team know that you are quite invested in their professional growth and grooming.

You will hold yourself as a role model and live by example by demonstrating your own high standards of work ethics, productivity and integrity.

  1. Empower your teammates

Do you remember the days when you were early in your career and working your way up the corporate ladder? What did you crave the most? Let us guess. You desired your individuality to be valued the most. You wanted your name known and to not just be a faceless cog in the corporate machine.

Then, you know how it feels and make sure you get to know your employees. Give them responsibility and ownership of projects, launches and tasks. Involve them in large decision making that will exert a direct impact on them.

Create a stimulating environment by encouraging them to personalise their working desks. Tell them to put up pictures of their partners, kids, dogs and to decorate their desks the way they like. Working in an environment where they will feel comfortable, familiar and strong will keep them engaged.

  1. Maintain a positive working atmosphere

Hey, we spend most of our time at work. It’s just how it is. Got to make a living, right? Hence, as a business owner or manager, try to make sure that your employees are as happy as possible in their working environment. This includes using proper cleaning companies such as commerical cleaning services Glasgow.

You can also put them at ease whilst maintaining an efficient working business culture.  Be a listener more than a talker. Let your employees share information and knowledge. Having a friendly, team-driven organisational culture will promote cross-functional cooperation.

Nobody should feel scared to ask a question. If someone doesn’t know something, he or she should feel confident enough to ask either their colleagues or you.

  1. Get the team going

Speaking of teamwork, whether a person is part of a football team, an army or your company, nothing beats feeling part of the bigger picture, i.e, a proper team. With effective teamwork, your staff workers will learn to trust each other more and to explore ways on how to achieve the company goal together.

They will not think only of themselves but about each other as well as the company. Remember, happy employees are the most productive and loyal employees.

Try to foster a community spirit so everyone feels truly connected to each other. Go ahead and arrange after work drinks, dinners, bowling activities, sports etc.

Encourage them to go out and have lunch together. It beats sitting at their desks and working through lunch as that is not really productive either. We are sure that you agree that your employees are humans and need a bit of a rest so to rejuvenate during the day.

  1. Give merit awards

In today’s day and age, companies are doing more and more to keep their teams engaged as they realise the importance of non-monetary incentives. Offer some perks in the office.

Why not go beyond free coffee and have snacks, drinks and a rich variety of tea? It really will not create a big dent in your wallet. Remember, you want your employees to work smarter, not longer.

If someone achieves something and stands out, reward them with a bonus in some format. Either give them some extra time off or keep drinks in their name. Buy him a free massage. There are a lot of things you can provide as a reward without spending too much money.

  1. Be innovative

Break the rut of daily routine and spice things up once in a while. Have a bring your dog day to work. Go for a dog walk together during lunch break.

Encourage employees to think of new ways on doing general things. Schedule short breaks so people from different teams and different departments will interact with each other and get to know each other.

  1. Give back to society as a team

What brings a group of people closer together than by spending time cleaning the beach closest to your office? Pick a project that involves giving back to society and think of how you can achieve it. Maybe there is a common cause that you all feel passionately about.

If it’s cancer research, pick a charity and organise a fundraiser for it. Brainstorm together, plan the event and you will see how everyone will have a new team dynamic by the end of this venture.

  1. Offer training

Sit down with your employees, get to know them and ask them what kind of skills they’re seeking to develop. Invest in them by sending them to training courses, workshops and seminars.

The good thing is that there are countless resources available on the internet that you can tap into. Let them spend 30 minutes a day enhancing their knowledge.

How to Keep Your Employees Motivated Besides Cash

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