a1 - About SE VentureBusiness has always been a venture where people were often hesitant to ask around. The venture of being a boss and a leader is something that has always been in the realm of trial and error. The thing is, not everyone can really afford to make errors in this day and age. This is why there are now full on schools that teach business management.

What do you do if you’ve never been to business management school yet want to open up your own business anyway? The quick answer: You go to sources of reliable business advice and information.

This is what SE Venture aims to become with every single article that we publish. We are a blog that is completely dedicated to the topic of business and its many facets like: marketing, business management, technology, and current news.

All of the writers of SE Venture have a key requirement: we all have our own established businesses. We have all come together because we all remember how tough it was when there was no one we could turn to for business advice. Here, our experiences will your tools to forge a better startup.

If there was anything you want us to discuss in particular, you can reach us at 078 2098 5912. Let us know what we can talk about to further help you with your venture.