big data - 5 Ways How Big Data is Transforming the Gambling World

In the year 1994, the world witnessed the arrival of the first digital gambling website in the form of microgaming. Since then, the online gambling sector has made significant leaps and bounds towards pure digitalization and gained millions of global customers along the way.

As it is the most popular form of gambling in today’s society, virtual gaming entities require the assistance of big data instruments to precisely predict the possible outcomes of diverse kinds of players and how to enrich their gaming experiences through customisation.

The largest gaming corporations are already ahead a step ahead and have recruited the services of big data technicians and engineers. It is also imperative that you comprehend how big data is changing the operational dynamics of the online gaming sector and if that’s what you wish to learn, then congratulations as you are in the right place!

  1. Strengthen Game Strategies

Poker is a worldwide favourite with digital gamblers and has only gained momentum since the inception of virtual gambling as it has evolved to be much more than a straightforward card game.

Poker players who have beaten the odds have obtained fame and are featured in media channels during large poker competitions. You will be surprised to know that the degree of competition is growing every single day in this field. Thinking of giving it a whirl?

The most effective way to grow your online poker traffic is to put the chances of winning in their favour. How, you ask? Provide as much information as you can in order to assist them in defining a strong gaming strategy.

Wizard Slots who are a pioneer in the online slots industry, was one of the first gambling companies to comprehend the advantages of big data analysis. It allows its users to monitor players’ numbers, utilise them within their own games and also evaluates all primary poker competitions that are held across the globe.

  1. Optimise Fantasy Game Functionality

Sure, you may not consider fantasy sports as part of the gambling sphere. But were you aware that these games have been developed and designed on rules similar to normal online gaming? No worries if you answered no, as at least you know now! Better late than never, we always say! This entire category is supported by big data.

The performance of every individual fantasy group is reliant on their players’ numbers in real life. A string of complex, sophisticated algorithms are deployed to examine and study volumes of real life sports statistics to understand which blend of players will perform better in real life tournaments.

You can take part from the comfort of your own home and do not have to venture to Las Vegas or other gambling capitals of the world. There are hundreds of gambling websites operating offshore and providing such services.

The launch of online gambling made it a lot more competitive. Big data has been able to become a successful part of the international gambling world through virtual casinos. After all, gambling is all about numbers and luck- big data makes it more effectual and fun for both the company running it and its customers.

  1. Set Realistic Standards

Can you guess who was the first one to apply big data principles in their functioning procedures? Yes, that’s right- bookmakers! The utilisation of big data lets them ascertain what the winning and point trends would be, analyse preceding games, and appoint more realistic chances.

Talented undertook a survey and found out that more than 72% of bookmaking consumers in the United Kingdom don’t believe that they are provided with personalised services.  Another 67% of respondents quoted that they will be loyal to that gambling company that provides a customised experience. The bookmaking process can be personalised by launching customised products and offers in real time with targeted push notifications and messages.

  1. Forecast Results for Players

There are other players who have tapped into the potential of big data in the online sports betting realm. Players, the bread and butter, of the gambling industry, have understood that big data can increase their chances of winning more dough as it helps forecast outcomes.

Similar to the way large gaming corporations apply big data principles to analyse different player profiles and the strategies of the rival team, gamers attempt to compare and contrast the data sets of two teams and evaluate the game’s results to win more cash. There are always favourites and underdogs in gaming scenarios, hence big data is competent enough to predict the winner in 90% of its cases.

Guess who proved it? Who else, but the brilliant big data engineers at Google? How did they do it? They used Google Cloud DataFlow to import data and Google BigQuery to examine it. Armed with these tools, the engineers were able to estimate the 14 out of 16 matches in the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil. Psst, Microsoft was even more successful as it predicted 15 out of 16 matches, just saying!

  1. Makes Casino Marketing Stronger

All innovations and headways made in the world of gambling were used to offer better experiences to customers through tailored offers. World history has been a constant witness to this phenomenon as online gambling players find entities that invest in this a lot more appealing to engage with. Big data helps to improve marketing results.

Of course, it is evident that gambling companies obtain an infinite volume of customer data. Through the sophisticated usage of cookies, online casinos can learn what games their profilers’ favour, what their favorite food is and what sort of patterns they apply during their gaming times.

Such data is a goldmine for digital marketers and facilitates the creation and implementation of accurate, targeted marketing campaigns. Heard of Caesars Entertainment? It is one such entity that uses big data to improve player loyalty. They have created a program that studies each step of their hotel.

They bestow free gifts to their consumers if they have had a bad day online. Great way to bring them back, isn’t it? We certainly think so!

5 Ways How Big Data is Transforming the Gambling World

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