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1.Enjoy it – or why are you bothering?

Enjoy what you do – you don’t have to love your job right away, it’s merely a stepping-stone to where you’re heading after all, but find something about it that you enjoy and work at that every day.

Staying positive will keep you working harder for longer, and being positive is a psychological must. Your subconscious will try and talk you out of so many parts of what you have to achieve. It wants to do this in order to protect you from the fear of failure. So work positive – if you look the part, and feel the part, then you’ll play the part and become the part. You will convince your subconscious brain that this is the real you and in time it will believe that it’s real too.

If you’re not enjoying your job or its challenges then turning up to a job you hate will kill any chance of progression. It’s important to focus on the big goals and how you’re going to achieve them; but the smaller day-to-day battles are important learning opportunities so use them as such and tick each of them off as you climb the ladder.

2. Plan

Consider your career and appraise yourself and your path regularly. Are you winning? Do you still want the same end goals? Is it as important to you as it always was? Use this information to revaluate and decide whether to stick with your chosen path, amend it, or pick a new one better suited to your redefined needs.

Remember what it is that you’re trying to improve in life by climbing the career ladder. The top job isn’t always the end goal; it’s what it adds to your life. It’s only one part of becoming the complete person you strive to be.

Checking your facts are airtight and getting feedback will make you look like a team player and someone interested in details. Accept criticism graciously and turn it into an opportunity to show everyone around you that you’re the person who can always turn negatives into result attaining positives.

It also makes great sense to research how others in your field already rose to the top. Learn from their accomplishments and their mistakes. There’s a true advantage to following a path someone has already taken. It will show you the pitfalls are and how you can avoid them.

3. Continually educate yourself

If you can, utilise a mentor. Always be on the lookout to learn from others. Anyone higher up the ladder will have learnt so much more about the system you’re operating in and will have a greater understanding already. Use them to learn from and to speed up your progress. Listen to their recommendations and show them you’ve acted upon them; you’ll earn respect by doing so and admiration for your new skillsets such as Driver CPC Periodic Training in Scotland.

Alternatively, it can help to offer mentoring too. Sharing skillsets opens doors to different opinions and alternate methods. You’ll learn a lot about working with people, building relationships, how to get the most from others by forging healthy relationships as opposed to running a dictatorship. Your network will grow by being everyone’s go to or friendly face in business – it’s people who open doors after all.

Take time to learn about your market, its audience, your customers and more. Don’t get blindsided by the love you hold for your concept or product but on how you’re going to turn it into a profitable business – concentrate on profit; how the money will come in, where from, and how to maximise profit.

Always keep a watchful eye on new technologies or systems that can save you time and money. We live in a world where technology is king. From cash flow and finance to productivity and project management. Strive to find more efficient ways to perform existing tasks and you can spend the time you’ve saved developing other important areas (or on the golf course!).

Keep an evolving list of goals for your career or business. If you always do the same thing you’ll always get the same results. Educate yourself. Look for new methods, new products, new ways of moving forward in everything you do and you’ll open new doors to new results, greater achievements and further successes. Learn about yourself as much as your industry or marketplace. The more you can achieve, the greater your skills and understanding, the easier your path will be.

4. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone

Say yes as much as you can. Saying yes will open new doors that you can always close at a later date if you choose to. Yes is a magical word. Keep using it.

It’s not always going to be easy, in fact, rarely so, so use the failures and fall-outs as a chance to prove yourself and gain a better reputation in spite of them. A lot of career opportunities come about by people who are smart enough to clear up someone else’s messes.

Be heard, be brave, and be your best self. Don’t hide from being noticed however low in confidence you feel, but make sure if you’re going to interject or add to a situation then make sure it’s thought through, concise and relevant. Doing this face-to-face is worth way more than adding thoughts via email, in a group discussion online or in a network or project management app. Face to face is the best way to stand out and be noticed. It’s how we make relationships that will help you climb your ladder.

5. Stay positive

Even if your confidence isn’t as high as you’d like, be persistent and enthusiastic. You can learn new talents in time and you’ll get there faster by working hard. Your drive is a must – new skills can come in time. It will be your tenacity that gets you there in the shortest amount of time. Never give up.

6. Believe

Affirmations, mantras, mindfulness, meditation and more are all psychological tools are that are available to boost self-belief and are all proven to help. Pick the ones you feel will work for you but make sure you give them a proper chance to work. It takes time to establish new healthy brain patterns in order to overcome the old negative traits your subconscious once structured your life by.

Remember – fake it until you make it. Your body language and how you present yourself is the version of you everyone else sees. What’s happening under the surface is your business alone. Walk tall. Talk confidently. Be the noise you want to make. And learn to hear no without it killing your enthusiasm or your passion.

7. Network

Find ways to continually build bridges – network with people everywhere. See everyone you meet as a new opportunity to learn and to show them how great your assistance will be to them. Make sure they remember you and when the time comes for the pay-off you’ll be on the list of people they call.

8. Prioritise

Time management is key. You can often get side-tracked by the wrong tasks. Don’t waste valuable time on something that isn’t as important as the big things on your list just because they’re easier. Consider your goals. Manage your projects by evaluation of task relating to productivity and results. Prioritise always.

Working smarter is so much more effective than working harder. Take a step away from what you’re doing to consider the best way to accomplish it instead of just diving in headfirst and doing it the same way you always did it before.

9. Play to your strengths

Whatever you’re great at, use it. By doing what you’re best at you will soon become an expert in front of everyone else.

You can use your weaknesses to highlight different strengths too. By outsourcing tasks to those who will do a better job of them will leave you to get on with what you do best. People management and project management are two skillsets that are really important to productivity; so if you can, then do, and if you can’t, find someone who does, and let them perform the task and make it shine for you.

10. Make it happen

Always do what you say you’re going to do – from the smallest of actions to the greatest goals.

There will be times of course when this is impossible. In those situations make sure to communicate clearly and in good time to see if you can move the goalposts before an inevitable failure. Creating a fresh plan from a problem situation makes you a problem solver instead of a failure. Give everything you take on a chance to be a winning situation.

Just don’t be the person who gets judged for never living up to their word. Your word is your reputation; so make sure you always make it count.

10 tips to the top of your career

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